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Thomason Park HOA
​                                                                   TPHOA Fence Requirements

FRONT FENCE: No front fencing is allowed 
REAR FENCE: that portion of the fence that is closest to and generally runs parallel to the rear property line. 
SIDE FENCE: that portion of the fence that is closest to and generally runs parallel to the side lot property lines. 

1) The first step in building or contracting any fence is to submit a completed Architectural Control Committee Form for Committee or Board of Directors approval as required by the Declaration. 
2) Fences are to be constructed of natural wood. No chain link or metal fences shall be permitted anywhere within the property. 
3) All fences are to be either four (4) feet or six (6) feet in height. Exceptions are dependent on individual circumstances such as lots bordering, utility easements, ponds, drainage easements, conservation areas or roadways. 
4) Fences bordering drainage easements or conservation areas are discouraged; however, each application will be considered on its own merit. In any event, fences will be constructed according to Association requirements or by legal restriction on pond or conservation areas. 
5) All rear fences, and the rear 16 feet of any side fence, that abuts conservation areas, water areas and drainage facilities, shall not exceed forty-eight inches (48”) in height so as to permit visibility of the conservation area or easement. 
6) No fence shall be erected or constructed that will impede the flow of water or modify the drainage design. 
7) Fences shall be erected so that the posts shall be placed on the inside of the fence and the side without any supports shall face out from the lot. 
8) No fence shall be constructed closer to the street which the house faces than ten (10) feet back from the front corner of the house closest to the street. 
9) Fences for corner lots require close coordination with the Architectural Control Committee due to unique layout, concerns for the 30-foot vehicle visibility/safety triangle and compliance with existing easements and county building code setback requirements. Corner lots will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You may request specific information on your corner lot setbacks prior to submittal of a plan.
11) Any and all required governmental approvals/permits for fence construction are the responsibility of the homeowner and must be obtained prior to construction. It is the responsibility of the Owner to comply with all County and/or Association requirements, whichever is most stringent. 
12) Approval process may take up to thirty (30) days. Please plan your project accordingly. A copy of the Architectural Application will be returned to each homeowner upon review. 
13) The fence must be installed by a licensed and insured contractor with a county permit. 
14) Property lines must be surveyed and marked/staked prior to submittal of plans to Architectural Committee 
15) Paint should be natural stains or colors. No red, green, purple, orange or blue. 
16) Fence must be installed within 1 year of TPHOA Architectural Committee approval. 

   Cobb County Standard for fences and walls 

Fences are exempt from permitting. (However there are height limitations for fences so please contact the Zoning Division at 770-528-2035 for this information prior to starting your project) 
Any fence or wall adjacent to a public road right-of-way and within a residential front yard cannot be more than six feet in height. Fences or walls shall be maintained in structurally sound condition. Fences or walls at the rear of a residence cannot exceed eight feet in height. The height limitation includes posts and ornaments on top of the fence or wall.
   Required submittal documents 

1. Name of property owner and address for proposed fence 
2.CAD or hand drawn diagram of property with dimensions indicating property line, proposed fence, and existing home structure. 
3.Fence designs submitted for approval must include gate sizes (no wider than five feet) and location(s). A photograph of the fence design shall also be submitted with the application (picture is preferred). 
4. Paint or stain samples should be included in submittal documents