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Thomason Park HOA
A Letter From The President
As we bring this year to a close, I would like to reflect a little and bring everyone up to speed. 
2290 Noelle place has been a thorn in our side. Due to enormous pressure by the HOA, the owner has filed in court to evict the renters. Of course this doesn't happen overnight but we hope to have them out as soon as the courts grant the eviction. 

Paran homes has purchased the two slabs. They plan to build early spring next year. They also anticipate completing the neighborhood by spring. 

The parking amendment to the covenant was approved by the community. We plan to meet with our lawyers to ratify our bylaws and covenant in January. Once we update the bylaws, we will notify the community.
Now that we have retained a lawyer, we will be actively pursuing everyone who is past due. Letters will be sent to everyone to allow one last chance to make payment arrangement(s) before we pursue collection. As we all know, the collection route can effect your credit. We are hoping all will work with the HOA. 
Good news everyone. Starting next year, the HOA will be accepting credit cards for payments. This will hopefully ease the pain it causes some of us each year (you can also get your miles or cash back). The proceeding fee is 1.79%. If you decide to pay by 
credit card, you will be responsible for this fee. 

We are looking into purchasing a jungle gym for the neighborhood. I've negotiated a discount of 80% off for us. We plan to place the set behind the pool. 
Sometime next year, we are looking to obtain a 501C3 for the community. This will allow the community to raise money and work as a nonprofit. 
Last is our election. Per our covenant, we are to hold our election the 3rd weekend of February. The office of Secretary and Treasurer are being vacated. Working for the community can be a monumental task and the board thanks Victor and Henry for their tireless work.
Although these two offices will be vacant, anyone is welcome to run for any office. We are looking for volunteers for our election committee. Please reply if you are interested. 

Again, happy holidays to all and best for the New Year. 

Vincent Reed 
Thomason Park HOA